When Everyone Has Gone Home

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More from the beach this week. Even when ostensibly relaxing, people are often surprisingly busy and industrious…

Left on the Beach

Sketches from the beach

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Here are a few sketches of people on the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay, where I’ve been staying. The weather across the week was changeable so the beach-goers ranged from sunbathers to determined British holidaymakers braving elements with ice-cream stubbornly in hand. The couple in deckchairs had even come equipped with umbrellas, which came out a couple of times. I really enjoyed sketching from life, trying to capture people before they moved on. There’s nothing like it for getting you to take notice of you surroundings.

Beach pics 1 Beach pics 5 Beach pics 4 Beach pics 2 Beach pics 3 Beach pics 6

Jack’s Favourite Thing

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Here’s another original page from Jack’s Worry, before it was scanned in and the final text added.  This is from the opening pages of Jack doing his favourite thing – playing the trumpet. I used messy, punchy paint splats in brassy colours to show the music – that’s how I would imagine trumpet music would look if you could see it.


More of Jack’s Worry

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Here’s an early colour sample from when I was designing the look of the characters for Jack’s Worry. In the end I did away with a mouth for the Worry and gave it more a look of anguished blankness.

But in any case, this is how it starts to look for Jack when it starts to get really worrying.

Jack's Worry

A whole lot of worries

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This was an early, unused idea for the endpapers for Jack’s Worry. While I quite like it there was also a thought that the sight of so many worries might itself be worrying for some readers.

Jack’s Worry out in the UK

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Jack’s Worry is now out in the UK!  Home sweet home.

Jack's Worry the book


Jack’s Worry is published today!

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Jack’s Worry, my second picture book as author/illustrator, is out today!  (in the US at least. Those in the UK will have to wait until early May…)

Jack's Worry Cover 900

It’s somewhat of a landmark book for me as it’s the first one without the word ‘No’ in the title (see The Nowhere Box and Nobody’s Perfect).

Here’s what the reviews are saying:

“Zuppardi successfully describes a universal fear and provides a simple mind-set that even a preschooler can use to help overcome that fear.”
—School Library Journal

“Ideal antidote for anxious kids facing their own Worries.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Performing in a first musical concert can be a nerve-wracking experience, as Zuppardi has artfully visualized…The acrylic-and-pencil illustrations truly transmit the amorphous nature of worrying, using convincing facial and body language, followed by huge happy smiles portraying a joyful resolution.”

“Scribbly pencils and expressive bursts of paint readily capture the big, intense emotions Jack is feeling.”
—Publishers Weekly


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