The Waiting Diary

Sketching in public has never been something I’ve done a lot of even though I’ve always harboured the uneasy feeling that it’s something I should be doing, though I’m not sure exactly why. Anyway, I’ve put into practice an idea I had that’s been refusing to quietly die for some time now, called ‘The Waiting Diary,’ to remedy this. The idea is simple: if I ever have more than 10 minutes to wait somewhere, anywhere, for whatever reason, something must be drawn. It can be anything – people, buildings, clouds, litter. But it must be based on life and it must go into the diary. 

However, as well as drawing, waiting can be filled with three other equally enjoyable pastimes: reading, people watching and idle musing. So the idea of drawing something every time I have a spare moment waiting somewhere is likely to remain a somewhat sporadic endeavour, largely subordinated to the other three, less effortful, waiting activities and, in the long term, probably contributing to the uneasy sense that I’m still not doing enough observational sketching.

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