York Wall Scrawl Crawl

Gathering yesterday at York library for a sketch crawl on York city walls, organised by the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators). People involved in writing or illustrating for picture books always seem a pretty friendly bunch. This was the third time I’d met with this group, so people are starting to get to know each other a bit. It’s always quite helpful to talk to other people focused on the same things as you – conversation yesterday ranged from topics such as whether a spider would forsake breakfast for friendship through to parricide and walls of bones. Childhood can be such a dark time.

We even managed to get out on the walls for a bit, before a light rain sent us scurrying in a cowardly manner back indoors. It was easier drawing in public with a group of people, as opposed to alone. There was a reassuring sense of safety in numbers and a feeling that if any passer-by became too curious the group would descend upon them in your defence, sharpened pencils at the ready.

Here are my pictures.

1 thought on “York Wall Scrawl Crawl”

  1. Hi Sam – Excellent drawings, and the Crawl was fun. I agree that drawing with a group is useful (though I was joined by weird sandwich guy, one and a half miles of wall and he lunched in my alcove!).

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