Dancing Thing

Visiting some friends down on the south coast not long ago I came across this offering left by a seagull. For reasons I’m not entirely sure of I was subsequently inspired to turn it into something more. The odd dancing thing that resulted is attached below. It’s nice when inspiration hits you from unexpected places, a reminder that if you keep your eyes and your mind open even the smeared leftovers of coastal birds can hold magic and wonderment.

6 thoughts on “Dancing Thing”

  1. This is so after my own heart. I spent a morning on the sand at Seahouses taking fab photos of worm casts. They look like all sorts of things. I wish I could show you – maybe I’ll bring them to SCBWI York next time on my laptop. I didn’t think anyone else would appreciate them. Now I know you are inventive too! Really enjoyed looking through this blog today.

  2. That Fieffer cartoon is brilliant, and Eleanor – do bring those wormcasts to the next York meeting. Tom, I will be returning to Southampton for the unique consistency of your bird droppings. Thank you.

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