Red Tree

This picture was more process than finished product. I was painting with children and the spontaneity of their painting as well as their love for using copious amounts of poster paint was contagious. It was fun to just layer on huge swathes of paint on a grand scale, not planning anything in advance but letting a picture grow out of the mess. The red tree was added later – an image I confess I stole directly from Shaun Tan’s brilliant book of the same name. Thanks Shaun Tan.

6 thoughts on “Red Tree”

  1. Hey that’s exactly what the kids do in therapy sessions, and after they’re gone I sometimes use up the paint doing exactly this kind of thing. I thought I ought to keep it hidden from “proper” artists!! Maybe I’ll be bolder in future. And your (er, Shaun’s) red tree just finishes it off brilliantly.

  2. I love it! I have worked with children in various settings over the years and still do so with my grandchildren who love coming to my house and doing ‘tivities’. They love paint (and everything else messy) and their view is not tainted by reality or the perfectionism that keeps grandma from doing things sometimes. Finger painting is one of my favorite things to do as a sort of therapy for self or with others, and those come out looking like this sometimes. Angie

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