Bottled Fish

Saw this group last week on a train to Newcastle. The fish, presumably en-route to a larger home, seemed just slightly too big to have fit through the neck of the bottle – a pretty neat bit of optical confusion.

3 thoughts on “Bottled Fish”

  1. Sam I love all your weekly drawings. It’s such a nice thing to be doing – keeping up the observant sketching and providing us all with something that makes us smile.

    Really sorry I didn’t get to speak at SCBWI York yesterday – I was going to and then fear of possible snow up here made me dash out and set off driving home. That’s when I remembered, which was too late! What I was going to say was thanks for the drawings. So now I’ve said it.

    1. Thanks Eleanor! Always nice to know my pictures are making someone smile.
      I was sorry to miss you at the weekend too, it had been so long since I’d actually made it to a gathering and then I felt like I hardly spoke to anyone! We’ll have to make sure our paths cross at the next one…

  2. Hi, you two. It’s a scrawlcrawl at the railway museum and I pretty much plan to talk all day long, because I don’t get the chance to chat much either. Love this image Sam, can’t believe it’s based on reality though. Aren’t some people odd.

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