One More Post from The Museum of Childhood

The third and final instalment from the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh. This week – a couple of glum dolls.

Sad Sack Doll


This one was so odd, it wasn’t clear what he was supposed to be, and he had this expression of total bewilderment, as if surprised at how he’d turned out – perhaps wondering if he was exactly what had been intended. 


elephant doll


There was something really settled and comfortable about this elephant, like it had flopped into place and would not be moving any time soon. The kind of going-nowhere position you only really get to adopt on Sunday afternoons. It was a shame it didn’t look happier though. 

1 thought on “One More Post from The Museum of Childhood”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this little series. These dolls are creepy, and have a can’t look away pull to them that’s hard to ignore. It’s almost as if they have personalities/spirits and those spirits are stronger –– more substantial than the dolls themselves. Very creepy. 🙂

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