Not long ago I saw balletLORENT’s dance production of Rapunzel, written by Carol Ann Duffy, at the Northern Stage in Newcastle. It borrowed from ballet to create something powerful and primal – not so much a story as a series of intense moods, articulated through the movement on stage and the beat of the music. I was particularly taken with their interpretation of Rapunzel herself. Doing away with the familiar, traditional image of long, braided princess-blond hair, their Rapunzel was altogether a more wild, unkempt and feral a creature – as I suppose you might expect of a girl locked up in a tower for years on end. It was refreshing to see the subversion of a classic interpretation that worked to serve the story, rather than just being a case of style over substance. This vision of Rapunzel added something new and unexpected to an old story. I went home inspired and drew a picture.




3 thoughts on “Rapunzel”

  1. I absolutely love this Rapunzel and it got me thinking about what her ‘prince’ would look like. I imagine an equally wild and tattooed breaker of rules with a massive scrawny scruffy dog as companion. Shades of Heathcliff and Catherine??

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