Tell-Tale Start Competition

The Tell-Tale Start is out now in paperback!

To mark its release I have 6 copies to give away absolutely free to anyone willing to try their hand at one of the two following things…


Draw me a picture.

In the book the Poe twins, Edgar and Allan, play a spectacular Halloween prank on the local bullies, turning their home into a haunted house and inviting the bullies round for a terrifying party.

Your task is to create and draw your very own Halloween trick or trap – it can be as crazy, complicated or simple as you like, but it has to get me cackling evilly.


Answer a question.

If you’re not in the mood to draw you can still get your hands on a copy by answering this simple question:

Roderick Usher, the twins’ black cat (named after a character in one of their ancestor’s most famous stories), has a number of unusual abilities. As well as being able to imitate bird calls and freeze motionless like a stuffed cat, he also has a third skill, which proves to be very useful in the book.

What is Roderick’s third skill?

The answer can be found either somewhere in a previous post on this blog or on the Poe Boys’ very own website where you’ll find a host of extra information and illustrations about the world of the twins. And of course, it’s also in the book itself…

Email your answers or pictures to If you want to post your picture drop me an email and I’ll send you the address to send them to.

The winners will be announced on Halloween, though I may post some pictures up early, so keep your eyes peeled.

Good luck!

Poe Boys Thought

Ps – Due to postal costs this competition is only open to participants living in the UK. However, if you’re based in the US keep a look out on Gordon McAlpine’s website as he may just be planning something himself…

1 thought on “Tell-Tale Start Competition”

  1. Thanks for the generous comp, Sam! I look forward to seeing everyone’s drawings. i can’t draw so I’ve emailed you with the answer to the question. 🙂

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