The Nowhere Box – Hardback Edition

The Nowhere Box advance hardback editions arrived in a big mail bag from the US last week. Here’s a little sneak preview ahead of publication…


The hardback edition features a  special cardboard-style inner cover (below centre) and a dustjacket with a wraparound picture (lower image).

Nowhere Box Hardcover


They were so fun to design and in this electronic age I think it’s important to include as much as you possibly can to make owning a physical book that little bit special.

Click the picture below to pre-order your own copy 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Nowhere Box – Hardback Edition”

  1. Sam, the book looks AWESOME! I’m so excited for you. Is there anyway to get a signed copy for a little buddy of mine in Texas who just got a brand new baby brother? I could pay by paypal, or get my sister in the uk to send a money order? Don’t worry if you can’t do it, I’ll understand, and will get a copy from Amazon. Sending good wishes for chibungles of sales. 🙂

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