Desk Tidy

Not long go I was stuck in an office with very little to do and an unspecified amount of time stretching indefinitely ahead. Sketching out the desk tidy while I waited was an interesting exercise. It reminded me that drawing for its own sake can be rewarding in itself and anything, no matter how boring or mundane, can be valid subject matter for sketching. In this case getting lost in the tiny details of the desk tidy was a pleasantly creative endeavour that was more about the process and the doing of it than the final end product, which is hardly inspiring. It also helped pass a sizeable chunk of time. That ruler is too short though.

Desk Tidy





1 thought on “Desk Tidy”

  1. nice sketch! I just read an article the other day about messy desks and how it plays into personality. Very interesting. If you would like one of your sketches to appear on my blog, please send me one. I’ll write a story about any object you sketch. 🙂

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