Burnt Yates and Bishop Thornton

Road Sign

Burnt Yates and Bishop Thornton are two unusual place names I see on a road sign from a bus I regularly find myself on at the moment. Every time I pass the sign they come vividly to life in my mind, in a kind of deranged comedy double act. After travelling this route for several weeks in a row I’ve finally gotten round to drawing them down. Burnt Yates would be a bemused and somewhat frazzled country bumpkin perennially tied to a stake and Bishop Thornton the maniacal inquisitor who put him there.

Burnt Yates and Bishop Thornton




4 thoughts on “Burnt Yates and Bishop Thornton”

  1. Hi Sam, I know this sign – on the way to Brimham Rocks when kids were small it was a source of amusement! I like Yorkshire place names, where else would you hear a warning on the radio of “road works on the Wetwang side of Fridaythorpe”

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