The Solar Wind Tunnel

This week’s weather machine, from our board game ‘Stormy Weather’, is The Solar Wind Tunnel: for when your sunny day just isn’t burning hard enough.

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Solar Wind Tunnel

The Solar Wind Tunnel is definitely one of the more evil and preposterous looking machines in the game, and yet for all that it’s also the only one I based on something that actually existed.


The ‘war tuba’ was built in Japan in the 1930s as a kind of acoustic location device intended to detect aircraft in the days before radar. It’s a reminder that if you’re looking to create something that looks bizarre, ridiculous, dangerous and downright insane you have to look no further than the things people have actually attempted.

ps – The shortlisted entries in our competition to come up with two new mad scientist taunts to include the the game are here! Visit our facebook page to cast your vote.

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