Sketching at the York Castle Museum

This weekend I met up with a few of the local regulars from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for a catch-up that involved a lot of sketch book sharing, as well as an update on the written projects people were working on. It’s always fun leafing through other sketch books, hearing about the projects underway, the abandoned ideas, the ideas taking on a life of their own; the raw, the unpolished and the downright strange, which only really crop up in the privacy of a scribbled sketchbook, as the artist’s hand follows their mind meanderingly all over the book. It’s a bit like peering into a bit of someone else’s brain. Thanks to everyone who shared.

My pictures from the museum:


One of the main challenges was finding a place to sit. The dimly lit ‘death room’ provided a good niche from which I could spend a bit of time on this old hearse.

Father and Daughter

Victorian Father and Daughter

Soldier Toy1

Toy Soldier


There was an interesting array of bottles in the old apothecary, as well as one of those phrenology models. I was stood awkwardly in the corner of the room to sketch them and was mistaken for a wax model by a women who got a fright when I moved. I added the colour when I got home.

Museum Visitors

My final sketch was all lined up – I had even secured a good seat – when three people came and completely blocked my view. But they were so picturesque in themselves that I drew them instead, and ended up with my favourite sketch of the whole day. It was a good lesson in taking inspiration from where ever it comes.

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