A Few More Letters From Selby Primary School

As promised, here’s another batch of letters from the kids at Selby Primary School…

Thanks again to everyone who sent one, you guys certainly know how to write a good letter. I wish I could share them all!
Letter 3

Family 4

Letter 4

Family 1

Letter 6


2 thoughts on “A Few More Letters From Selby Primary School”

  1. Thank you Sam for putting our many pieces of artwork and letters on your blog! The children in my class have absolutely adored working on this project and have gained so much from sharing their ideas with ‘A talented Author and amazing Illustrator’, as they refer to you.
    As we have said many times before, the book is fantastic, allowing the children to empathise with George and share in his plight. It also lends itself really well for use across a variety of ages.
    On behalf of the children in my class, thanks again for all your efforts in replying to our letters, personalising the books they received from you and enthusing to them about being an Author and Illustrator. You have inspired the class!

  2. How wonderful! I love that they have managed to capture your drawing style from the book. 🙂 There are treasures for sure!

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