The Nowhere Box at Gomersal Primary School

Nowhere Box Front Cover

In my first picture book, The Nowhere Box, George uses a cardboard box to go Nowhere. At first, Nowhere is an empty place but George soon fills it with all kinds of things and uses it to go to some amazing places.

The children at Gomersal Primary School in West Yorkshire have been reading The Nowhere Box in class and imagining where they might like to go if they went Nowhere, and what they would hope to find there. They were kind enough to send me some pictures of their ‘Nowhere Land’ creations. Here are just a few of my favourites…

Finley Nowhere Land 4

Finley took the Nowhere Box into deep space, with an alien on the moon and some pretty wild space scenery to keep things interesting.

Taylan Nowhere Land 2

Taylan’s ‘Nowhere Land’ features dinosaurs… I really like the one with the green stripes.

Jack Nowhere Land 3

Jack turned the Nowhere Box into a hot air balloon – what a fantastic idea! – and used it to fly over the ocean.

Nowhere Land Iona 6

Iona decided that if she could go Nowhere and fill it with anything she wanted she’d explore under the sea. looks colourful!

Nowhere Land Lucas 5

Lucas drew himself inside his own Nowhere Box, ready to press one of the buttons to take him on new adventures. I wonder where he’s going….

Thanks to everyone who drew a picture, I wish I could post them all, and thank you very much for sharing them with me!

Are you a teacher who would like to use The Nowhere Box or one of my other books as part of your teaching? Although I’m not available for school visits right now I’ll happily be involved in any other ways I can – responding to the children’s work and things like that – so do get in touch if you’d like to chat things over in more detail.

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