Eavesdropped – Monster Couple

I overheard this comment the other day.

Monster Couple

Eavesdropped is a drawing game for 1 or more.

You play it like this:

1. Listen out for snippets of conversation you hear as you go about your daily business – people overheard in a cafe, or a fragment of conversation in the street, that kind of thing.

2. Turn the first coherent comment you overhear into a picture.

2 thoughts on “Eavesdropped – Monster Couple”

  1. Superb interpretation – did you invent the game? We used to do this but with 50-word stories as a result of an overheard.

  2. Thanks Eleanor. I did make up the game, though I’m sure it’s something that already exists out there in various different forms. Your 50-word version sounds like it would really get the creativity flowing!

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