Penguins Penguins Penguins

Happy new year! Here are a few more images I did for ‘The Man Who Wanted to be a Penguin‘, to be used in promotional materials and a booklet accompanying the production, which will be touring soon.


The Man Who Wanted to be a Penguin

These are two posters commissioned by the Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company for their new production, The Man Who Wanted to be a Penguin, which premiers this December and will be touring through the Spring of 2020. The show combines live performance and puppetry to tell a a joyful tale that celebrates individuality through some cracking storytelling, beautifully crafted songs and even a chance to learn how to speak penguin!

The posters offer two quite contrasting designs for the show – which is your favourite?


Place Names: Sherburn-in-Elmet

Sometimes an unusual place name is so evocative of a character that it demands a picture. I’ve done this once before but now find myself traveling new routes that have brought a whole host of new towns and villages with unusual names to my attention.

So I will be adding to this new series intermittently, whenever I find another place name that sounds more like a character than somewhere you’d live.

This week –


Eavesdropped – Weary Tortoise

Eavesdropped is a drawing game for 1 or more.

You play it like this:

1. Listen out for snippets of conversation you hear as you go about your daily business – people overheard in a cafe, or a fragment of conversation in the street, that kind of thing.

2. Turn the first coherent comment you overhear into a picture.

3. That’s it, you’re done!

This week –

Tired Tortoise

Share your own Eavesdropped pictures on Facebook or by getting in touch here, I’ll put them up as guest posts.