Something wicked this way comes…


This is the teaser image I’ve provided for BalletLORENT, the dance company I was lucky enough to work with on their production of Snow White, who are completing their trilogy gothic fairy tales with Rumpelstiltskin, premiering this October.

On 20th February they are holding a fundraising event for their community cast project, which is all about getting children and older people involved in theatre. Further details and tickets are available here.

The whole production is in its early stages and it’s going to be very exciting to see how it unfolds and what the company do with the story, and the Rumpelstiltskin character… I, for one, cannot wait.

The Princess and the Pea at the theatre

I moved house recently and so this T-Shirt from Atlanta’s ACT1 Theatre group, whose production of ‘Once Upon A Mattress’ last year featured my Princess and the Pea image for their poster and publicity materials, has only just caught up with me in the post.

Thanks so much to the group for sending this over, and for inviting me to be a small part of the production.

Once Upon A Mattress 1

Here’s the original, pre-adapted image –




Little Red Riding Hood competition entry

This was my entry for the recent Tomie de Paola competition, which runs annually. This year’s task was to illustrate a passage from Philip Pullman’s  retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, with a specific focus on how to visualise a very well-known main character in a new or unique way.

Little Red Riding Hood

I wanted a confident Red Riding Hood, boldly stepping out towards the forest, reassuring her mother she’ll be fine. The dark shadow behind the door hints at some of the darkness she’ll encounter later. I aimed for a zig-zag feel to the composition overall, echoing the twists and turns of the path through the woods – and of the story itself. Finally, because red is such a strong and familiar colour in this story, I made my picture black and white, just to be contrary.

What’s really interesting is the wealth of interpretations that were submitted, all of which can be seen in the online competition gallery. So many different ways of presenting a familiar character and situation, it’s fascinating to see where these images cross-over and where they are diverge. The winning entries can be viewed here.

The Railway Museum again

I had a great meet-up last week with my local SCBWI group at the railway museum. It’s always fun to hear what other writers and illustrators are up to and see some of their latest projects. As well as a catch-up we also found time for a look round the museum itself. The place is full of interesting little mechanical bits and pieces. Instead of drawing trains I drew bits of trains and turned them into robots.

lamplighter signalman cranky oddbod

York Literature Festival programme launch

York Literature Festival kicks off in March and the programme launch party was this weekend. I was invited along to do some free-style sketching throughout an evening of poetry and music from a host of local talent. It was a great, varied night, with the poems being performed providing plenty of inspiration for off-the-cuff cartoons. Below are some of my sketches from the evening, you can see my pen progressively running out as the night progressed. Apologies to anyone whose names I’ve spelt wrong (or missed altogether), thank you for sharing your poems!





Bear and Butterfly

Another trip to the theatre this week, this time to Theatre Hullabaloo, a company that makes, tours and promotes theatre productions for young audiences.

Their latest production, Bear and Butterfly, combines puppetry, live music and beautiful storytelling to tell a charming tale about love, loss and friendship.

It opened last week and tours until Christmas Eve, be sure to catch it. Here’s the poster I designed for them.

Bear and Butterfly