Sinister Mud People

This was a picture I did for a creepy story about a remote house on a muddy moor. The mud figures built by the little boy who lives there appear to be slowly getting closer and closer to the house every day, somehow having shifted an inch or two nearer each time the sun comes up. It seems the mud itself – on which the house is built and by which it is surrounded on all sides – is coming to life, with a sinister and malignant intent. I won’t tell you what happens in case I ever get round to writing it up properly – but it’s messy.

Save Bookstores 2012

Here’s the poster I designed for this year’s Save Bookstores campaign. My agent, Kelly Sonnack, started the campaign last year and got such a positive response she’s doing it again. All you have to do is head into town on June 16th and pick up a few books from somewhere other than the internet. There’s nowt like a good browse, after all.

And for those of us on this side of the pond, who don’t really do bookstores, here’s a special edition English version. Get involved!

You can join in here.

Little Monsters

This was the result of a protracted bit of random doodling, one of those nice times when you really just let the pen wander and stuff actually materialises. Most of these monsters are variations on the theme ‘blob with legs’ and it’s amazing just how much variation there is out there, and how subtle or minor changes can create wildly different characters.


Children’s pictures can be brilliant places to get ideas. There’s often a symbolic immediacy and a rawness to them that bypasses all artifice later learnt and can provide images the like of which an adult mind would struggle to get down on paper. I did this sketch based on a drawing I saw done by a three year old boy, the sheer terror of which I have only managed to approximate in my own version. I wish I could show you the original as well – suffice to say it was pretty scary. The blank gaze and irrevocable forwards tread of the monster, its lipless snarl of pain or anger and the tiny figure before it really stuck in my mind and served as a timely reminder that childhood can be an incredibly rich place to look for artistic inspiration, not to mention an occasionally ridiculously scary place for the child in question.