Eavesdropped – a drawing game for 1 or more.

Here’s an idea I had the other day for a drawing game based on one of my favourite pastimes – listening in on other people’s conversations.

1. Listen out for snippets of conversation you hear as you go about your daily business – people overheard in a cafe, or a fragment of conversation in the street, that kind of thing.

2. The first coherent comment you overhear becomes the caption for a picture you then go home and draw.

Here’s my first Eavesdropped picture. I’d love to see others if anyone else wants to have a go!


4 thoughts on “Eavesdropped – a drawing game for 1 or more.”

    1. Ah thanks! If you could include a link to my blog as well it would be cool to see other people’s Eavesdropped pictures, if anyone wants to have a go…

    1. What a great site, Cat. I love the typographical nature of your friend’s work, that’s a really effective way to convey an overheard snippet of conversation. It’s an addictive site to look through!

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